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Week starting Jan 06, 2013

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Dec 03, 2007



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Running Accomplishments:

2:41:20 St George Marathon (2015)

1:14:38 Snow Canyon 1/2 (2010)

34:49 Spectrum 10k (2010)

Short-Term Running Goals:

2:3x Marathon, 1:12 Half and shave a few min off the 10k.

Long-Term Running Goals:

 Keep enjoying running and improving.


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Hitogami 2b Lifetime Miles: 159.70
Hitogami 3 Lifetime Miles: 57.43
Launch3 A Lifetime Miles: 460.69
Launch4 Blue Lifetime Miles: 462.42
Launch4 Red Lifetime Miles: 458.75
Launch4 Blue#2 Lifetime Miles: 387.85
Adidas Boston Lifetime Miles: 59.53
Launch4 Black Lifetime Miles: 192.64
Sense Pro 2 Lifetime Miles: 21.00
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Summon B Miles: 19.50Summon C Miles: 21.70Ghost5 Miles: 26.00
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City Wells. Held a good pace and had a fun run until the last mile when someone turned the switch off and I died hard. Will see what effects the faster pace has on things but i regret nothing.

Summon B Miles: 10.50
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Landfill. 3 hawks, 1 goose in the river, a murder of crows and a giant flock of blackbirds plus a warm enough day to go shirtless makes for an almost perfect run.

Summon C Miles: 10.20
Running MilesSwimming YardsBike Miles

Highland Park/Sienna Hills. Was pretty tight and sore last night and most of today so I was trying to prepare myself for an uncomfortable run but after 1/2 mile things got loose and it was a good run for the most part.

Ghost5 Miles: 9.00
Running MilesSwimming YardsBike Miles

Firestation+. First early morning run in a while. Tight at first again but loosened up after a few minutes. Felt good until about halfway through then I got really really tired and the way back was pretty slow. Saw a really pretty sun rise so that made up for the not so good run.

Summon B Miles: 9.00
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Top of Greensprings then over to the west tortise fence then back to the top then home. Glad I waited until the sun was up to run cause it was pretty chilly with that wind blowing. Good easy run without too much uncomfortableness.

Summon C Miles: 11.50
Running MilesSwimming YardsBike Miles

Fields. No plan but wanted to see if I could get a longer run in and how it would feel. Decided to try a progression run on the way home from 6:50 down to 6:20 pace. Got out 8 and was feeling pretty good. Stopped for a restroom break and stretched just a little. When I started back up my hips/groin hurt something awful and I thought maybe I shouldnt have stopped. Lowered the pace to around 6:50 and was able to hold that for about a mile but the hips/groin was hurting pretty bad so I slowed back to mid 7 pace. Got a couple miles from home and stopped cause it was so uncomfortable but in a way it has never been the last couple years. The PV XC boys came by as I was trying to stretch so I told them if they didnt go very fast Id come with them on their warm up. We ran out toward the Parkway but I turned around just before they did cause enough was enough. Thanks guys for dragging me home!!

So looking at the garmin the pace overall was good for a longer run and most of the body was able to handle the run but this hip thing is just a kick in the pants. Oh yeah and I was COLD. WOW.

Ghost5 Miles: 17.00
Running MilesSwimming YardsBike Miles
Summon B Miles: 19.50Summon C Miles: 21.70Ghost5 Miles: 26.00
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