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Snow Canyon 1/2 Marathon

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Dec 03, 2007



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Running Accomplishments:

2:41:20 St George Marathon (2015)

1:14:38 Snow Canyon 1/2 (2010)

34:49 Spectrum 10k (2010)

Short-Term Running Goals:

2:3x Marathon, 1:12 Half and shave a few min off the 10k.

Long-Term Running Goals:

 Keep enjoying running and improving.


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Hitogami 2b Lifetime Miles: 159.70
Hitogami 3 Lifetime Miles: 57.43
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Parkway/Kings Row. Turned on the tunes and turned off the brain. Just poked along tonight. Nothing quick or super slow just a nice relaxed jog. A bit bummed that I missed the Butch Cassidy run today but I guess you cant catch every race.

(cumulus blue 63.37)

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Had to get the truck inspected so I took my running stuff in with me and ran from the service station out to Snow Canyon Parkway into Ivins and back. Once again I just felt really good and was having a blast running. The weather was perfect. Who knows how long this will last but I sure am enjoying it. Plus I dont have to work for a week so Im on cloud nine. Im going to rent a tractor and tear the crap out of my yard.

(cumulus gold 97.75)

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Parkway/Greensprings. Not quite as energetic a run as the last few but still I felt really good. Right knee tried to be a bit sore for a little while but that didnt last very long.

(ride 57.47)

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Fields. I hadnt done this run in a while. Another beautiful day in Dog Town. I actually got a tan today while running. Body felt great and I still have three more days of no work. Can life get any better?

Cumulus Miles: 10.62
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Millcreek. Another fun run today. Worked on the yard all morning. Had to get the run in before evening because the boys are in a play and its opening tonight. Its going to be fun to see how they do. Not sure whos more excited about it, Emily or the boys. Think I'll rest tomorrow before the race Saturday.

Cumulus White Miles: 7.16
Race: Snow Canyon 1/2 Marathon (13.2 Miles) 01:23:26, Place overall: 7, Place in age division: 1
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I wasnt quite sure how this race was going to pan out. I woke up yesterday and could tell i was coming down something. Took a big afternoon nap and just hoped that I didnt feel to crapy on race day. Woke up feeling ok but not 100% and just figured what the heck we'll see what happens. Ran a little over a mile warm up and had some troubling tightness in the right hip that made me nervous.

1 - 5:22 Hip was really feeling weird and I thought I might have to just back off.

2 - 5:37 Hip pain was gone and I was just trying to let the downhill take me

3 - 6:16 Not quite as steep a downhill here. Slowed to a more realistic pace.

4 - 6:55 Starting up the slight incline of west canyon. To much slow down.

5 - 6:47 I dont think it was any steeper throught here I just dropped the ball

6 - 6:14 Coming back down the canyon I was able to get back to a decent pace.

7 - 6:46 A bit of up hill here that slowed me up once again. Got a horid cramp in my right side. Havent had one of those for years. That made it a little hard to concentrate on running.

8 - 6:18 The cramp had worked itself out by this time and I was able to get back to a more reasonable pace on the downhill coming out of Snow Canyon.

9 - 6:29 Trying to get the juice up to pass the two guys in front of me.

10- 6:39 I was able to pass both guys in here and was feeling pretty good.

11 - 6:49 Slowed on the up hill in this section. Got a little nervous at one point cause I couldnt see anyone in front of me and didnt know if I was going the right way. Looked back and saw a few guys and hoped I wasnt leading them a stray.

12 - 6:35 I could see Dustin up ahead of me and tried to pick it up to see if I could catch him.

13 - 6:32 Caught Dustin and kept trying to push through to the end. Thought I was going faster that this but oh well.

Over all I feel good about this run. I didnt pr but was right at the same time as the last 2 halfs. I really wanted to get a sub 1:20 but that didnt work out. I need to work on getting my times to be a bit more consistant. I guess thats where being more consistant in training comes in to play.

Cumulus Gold Miles: 14.50
Running MilesSwimming YardsBike Miles

Grapevine. Havent run for a week as I was trying to get over a bad chest cold. Its not gone but I want to start running again so here I go. Hopefully I dont end up with something worse. I cant believe how nice it still is outside. Makes for some good running.

Ride Miles: 6.02
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Middleton. Had another good run today. Got done working early so I was able to run in the light and see where I was going as I ran.

Cumulus Blue Miles: 8.05
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Ran out to Coral Canyon with Dave this morning. I havent run in the morning for a while and it was nice. Crisp and cool. We havent run together for awhile so it was fun to get caught up and have someone to chat with. The left calf was tight for a lot of the run but doesnt feel to bad now. Havent hacked up a lung yet so maybe the chest cold is finally going away.

Cumulus Gold Miles: 9.90
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City Wells. Ran all the way out to the first pump house today. This is a bit of a workout cause its uphill for the whole way out but its nice to get away from traffic and people. Coming back is fun cause of the downhill.

Cumulus Blue Miles: 10.00
Running MilesSwimming YardsBike Miles

Had to work a bit late and wasnt able to get out until well after dark so I decided to treadmill it. Not a lot of fun but Im not such a big fan of running after dark anymore.

Ride Miles: 7.00
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Middleton and then some. I could really get used to running in the middle of the day. No rush or worring about getting back in time for anything. Just running until the body says "thats good." Pace was faster than it felt. A good solid enjoyable run.

Cumulus Miles: 10.00
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Millcreek out to the Middleton power line trail then east to the St. George water tanks and back. Nice little run. Hilly and lots of rocks but still fun. Should have taken a gu and a water but what can you do.

Cumulus White Miles: 13.40
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Cumulus Miles: 20.62Cumulus White Miles: 20.56Cumulus Gold Miles: 24.40Ride Miles: 13.02Cumulus Blue Miles: 18.05
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